3rd February 2011

Great American Music Hall

San Francisco – United States

Ólafur Arnalds played at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, United States on 3rd Feb 2011, and you can let us know what you thought of the event if you attended, or share some photos with us and other fans.

Hi, This isn't in regards to any particular concert, but I think you should come back to the United States, particularly Portland, Oregon, this coming year. I'd love to see you live and I'm sure there are plenty of others. Nick
Nick – 26. Nov 2012
good photos and review here: http://bit.ly/1AvWyf8
james vilhjálmur – 13. Feb 2011
Added by inna
Added by inna
Added by inna
Oh, was this concert an amazing night. I left feeling like I'd seen something extremely profound...some of the songs made me cry, and others left me smiling. Some actually did both. The venue and the lighting were both gorgeous too, though perhaps not as much so as the music ;) All of the music and just the whole night is still floating around in my head now. And it was nice saying hello to you after the concert, Óli! Though I ended up mumbling something like "your music is amazing and rad and mmrrgghh can you please sign this thank you" instead of actually saying something coherent. But anyways, takk fyrir! I'll never forget it!
Michelle – 5. Feb 2011
I can honestly say that this concert was the best $17 I have ever spent. It was an intimate atmopshere in a great venue. I will forever remember laying down in front of the stage and feeling the bass pound throughout my chest. This music moved me in ways that music never has before. The lighting effects were dramatic and at times very soft all placed just right to go along with the music. Smoke trickled in and swirled with the light as the audience all recieved the music in their own ways. Some sitting at tables. Others sitting on the floor. Some with their eyes closed. Some hand in hand or arm in arm... I try to describe it to friends but you really have to hear and feel it and let it move you to understand. I got to chat with the band after and they were all kind enough to sign my cd. I thank the band from the bottom of my heart... Thank you for your work , your passion and your music. It truly moves me... I hope someday that our paths will cross again... Feel free to drop me a line... I would love to chat with you guys! Peace! Lauren
Lauren Breault – 5. Feb 2011

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