19th July 2011

Queen Elizabeth Hall

London – United Kingdom

Ólafur Arnalds played at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, United Kingdom on 19th Jul 2011, and you can let us know what you thought of the event if you attended, or share some photos with us and other fans.

Added by Nick Miner
Truly magical, from the first notes to the last and with funny stories . thank you and come up North Manchester. You were my third Icelandic musical experience for July and I want a bird sticker but forgot to get one :(
Tracey Gibbs – 21. Jul 2011
Added by Anran
Added by Anran
Thank you so much it was truly awesome. I was the guy from Manchester who said Hello to you before the show. Sorry, I was a bit starstruck.
I really don't know what to say.. it was heartbreaking.. breathtaking.. and the beauty of your music was so overwhelming that I had tears in my eyes. after this concert I just wanted to hug you and thank you. :)
Iris – 20. Jul 2011
Added by Steve
A truly breathtaking concert - better than I could have imagined! As well as your music, I think we all came to love your warm personality too. Thank you for a brilliant, unforgettable night, and the best of luck on all your other concerts too.
Sophie – 20. Jul 2011
Added by Steve
Added by Steve
Has been the 2nd time I've seen you this year and I can't wait for the next one - stunning performance and thoroughly enjoyed. Your story of the bathtub song never fails to amuse me and I the songs hauntingly beautiful qualities were complimented with your warm personality between each song. Hope the rest of the tour goes well and you aren't camped out next to a festival that plays queen covers endlessly!
Mishu – 20. Jul 2011
Stunning as ever my friend. Your chatter between songs is hilarious as well! Second time I've seen you. Really looking forward to another album.
Ally – 20. Jul 2011
Wonderful gig. Been wanting to see you live for a couple of years now and missed out earlier in the year. Sublime stuff. I'd also love to see the 'Evening with...' solo and am hoping it comes to London soon. Thank you
Henry Ward – 20. Jul 2011
It was an amazing show - wasn't quite sure what to expect but it exceeded all expectations. Also really enjoyed the chatter between songs and how sweet of you to say thank you after every song! You deserved every bit of the applause you received. Thank you for sharing your music with us. I'm so pleased I decided to make an effort to get down to London after work today - only just reached home, but it was well worth it!
Yen L – 19. Jul 2011
Twice in one year, lucky me, and lucky London! Solo tour sounds really interesting too so here's hoping you decide to share this with London too!
Alex Calinescu – 19. Jul 2011

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