9th May 2013

Les Nuits de Botanique

Brussels – Belgium

Ólafur Arnalds played at Les Nuits de Botanique in Brussels, Belgium on 9th May 2013, and you can let us know what you thought of the event if you attended, or share some photos with us and other fans.

Please come back to Belgium! I can't stand the fact that I missed this :'( Please
Sigrid – 14. Aug 2013
God, I missed this concert. When are you coming back to Belgium?????? PLEASE
Sigrid – 12. May 2013
Added by Fons Van der Vorst
Added by Fons Van der Vorst
It was simply ma-gi-cal. A concert where I doubted constantly between closing my eyes for fully undergoing the experience and being suprised at max and keeping them open simply because I wanted to feel the passion on stage. Thanks for a wonderful evening!
Nico – 10. May 2013

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