Ólafur Arnalds


Hi there, I’m glad you found me. My name is Ólafur Arnalds and I like to make music.

On this page you can find out what I have been up to lately and maybe even a little bit about where I will go in the future. For me, the greatest thing about being a musician is being in the position to inspire other people.

I take such pleasure in hearing that people have been motivated to create after hearing my music, whether it be a painting, a poem, their own music or something completely different.

Music is not a one way street, it is a conversation where the listener's role is as important as the artist's. Well, here you can find my side of it all. What is yours?

Latest work

Tour Schedule

25 February 2017 Wroclaw, Poland Pralnia (DJ Set Janus) (Kiasmos)
03 March 2017 Tel Aviv, Israel Beit Maariv (DJ Set Janus) (Kiasmos)
07 March 2017 Sydney, Australia Oxford Art Factory (Kiasmos)
08 March 2017 Melbourne, Australia Howler (Kiasmos)