Ólafur Arnalds

Saint Andrews Hall, Detroit

Ólafur Arnalds played at Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit, United States on 26th Jan 2011, and on this page you can let us know what you thought of the event if you attended, or share some photos with us and other fans. Please make sure your comments are for this show - have a look at the tour dates page if you are not sure!

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Absolutely, hands down, one of the best live music shows I have ever seen. The imagery and sounds were captivating, breath taking and blew me away. Sitting in the front row, I felt carried away by each note played. Simply Beautiful! Amazing and uplifting!

+Absolutely wonderful show. The group was incredibly tight and made a hauntingly beautiful music. I loved the way the set built--from gentle piano up to an exciting mix of sting quartet, piano and powerful beats. Then Olafur let us down quietly. Amazing music.

Olafur played an amazing show for quite an intimate crowd after an excellent opening minimal electronic artist (whose name escapes me). I've listened to Olafur's music for the past year or so pretty regularly and even still, finally hearing songs I've listened to hundreds of times on my computer now in person I was discovering new melodies and intricacies within his work. I was very happy I got to meet him as well and I look forward to seeing him again in Grand Rapids! If I could've changed anything it'd be only to have copies of his EPs and the new album in vinyl! Nevertheless, I suppose I'm glad they're sold out as it's a sign he's getting the recognition he deserves.

Achingly beautiful show in Detroit! A soundtrack for a city in decay?..PS. I hope someone recorded it, i thought I did, but not familiar with new software and it didn't record sadly ; (

A *most* amazing show! Musically lavish with rich, complex textures! Acoustically superb--perfectly mic'd and mixed! Visually fantastic--the understated synchronized incidental lighting was deftly raised and lowered with the dynamic of the music and lifted the rhythmic patterns, further engaging the listener--never distracting. A *BRILLIANT* live show--six musicians perfectly in balance across the singular Ólafur Arnalds auditory canvas. A *must* hear+see, LIVE!!

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